The Brackwood is a cursed and damned wood North of Parminium, effectivly cutting it off from the rest of Killbar to the north.

The wood is vast and dark, with a storied past seemingly as varied and as different as the people who tell tales of it. Its ebon, twisted trees reach to the sky and create a shadowed canopy from which little light enters. A land of perpetual twilight, it still manages to thrive somehow.

There are three main theories as to how the Brackwood became cursed.

  • A town, to the East and North within the Wood, called Tellarantum became infected with a sort of supernatural plague which was so potent and virile that it spread even beyond the towns borders and into the woods itself, creating the accursed place
  • A being of pure evil was summon, or banished, within the confines of the Northern area of the wood. There, at the site of its defeat, or appearance, the evil seeped into the ground and from there, infected the whole wood.
  • Long ago, a wizard built a tower on the edge of the wood, and the town nearby, Laesinium, was none to pleased. Over the years he tried to assist in the towns ups and downs, but eventually his good intentions lead to conflict, and his name was cursed by the townsfolk. Consumed by the grief, betrayal and rejection, the curse slowly seeped into the forest to destroy it from within. You can see the massive tower even to this day.


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