For almost 700 years, the Kings of Tyndaria have protected the vast interior of Tysis. Their nominal territory stretches from the southern coast, to the River Merkath, and from the foothills of Drimma to the Syvean River. However, the Golden Age of Tyndaria is over. With two civil wars, a weakening monarchy and darkness closing in from all sides, every day looks just a little bleaker.

Ruled by the Council of Nobles, and headed by the King of Tyndaria seated on the Throne of Tyrion, Tyndaria has had a decently stable past. The common folk suffered under the yolk of some kings, and prospered under the guidance of others. Some times the Council was strong, and at other times, dominated by strong willed kings and Queens.

Tyndaria has suffered from near constant warfare in recent decades. Even before Moduru brought his wars, there was a 7 year war with Kilbar, a short, brutal war with the elves of Levisha, multiple incursions of Orcs and Goblins from the Virkond Forest, and a running set of wars with the Vampire Puppet master Tetravin. Times have been hard, and are only getting harder.

With the death of King Tor, and the ascension of Wanderer to the throne, some of the noble houses rebelled. 4 in the east, and a pair in the west. Though the east had more houses, it put up a weaker resistance, and was eventually brought back into the fold. the west, however, backed by both Kilbaran warlords, and the Brotherhood of the Corpse, has put up a great rebellion. even now, 12 years afterwards, there is no formal end to the war. in 645 Tyndarian units pulled out of the area, leaving it, in essence, a self governed country. with no treaty signed, however, may people on the border live day to day wondering when the stomp of marching feet will once again flatten their fields.


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