The Gods of Kalistar

The Pantheon of Kasar is a Variety of Gods and Goddesses brought together by both familial and Elemental ties. These gods are a very present aspect in the lives of both their followers, and the general populace of the world. Their wrath is known, their gratitude is felt, and they have great influence.

Takannas, Nera, Evalrun and Conadral were the first four gods. Each of them manifested from the Primal elements they represent. for a long time, they were the only gods on the world, and it was barren. As the world took on new aspects, gods came into being to represent them, many were the gods, in those times. There were also gods born of passion and lust. gods could become pregnent, like any other being, but their births were both awesome and terrible.

The Current Gods are the survivors of the Great Conflict

The Gods are

Takannas, god of Fire
Nera, goddess of Water
Condaral, god of Air
Evalrun, god of Earth

Taralin, god of Life
Dagor, god of Death
Gestril, god of Storms
Telaxus, god of Murder
Marija, god of Beasts
Decarin, god of Darkness
Hiesa, goddess of Civilization

Oanna, goddess of Laws
Maltera, god of Disease
Lobos, god of Time
Farlorn, god of Knowledge
Valeas, goddess of Honor
Retren, god of Pain
Kara, goddess of Deception
Ariannas, goddess of Bloodshed
Drakken, god of Orphans

The Gods of Kalistar

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