Moduru's Wars

Moduru’s Wars were a series of interrelated conflicts starting with The Vampires War, and Culminating in Moduru’s Second War.

The Vampires’ War
The Assult on Hiskor Keep
Moduru’s war
Moduru’s Second War

Moduru Started strong, creating a network of chaos and general warfare over about a 25 year period prior to the The Vampires’ War. He then Directed his Primary Lieutenant, Tetravin, to escalate conflicts against the Tyndarian King Tor Banefiend, seeing him as the weakest link in the Island. The Vampires’ War lasted 13 years, and featured almost constant fighting Until King Tor Solidified himself as the leader of the country, issuing the Edict of Banefiend. With the militaries of the 17 Great houses under his command, he finally defeated Tetravin in the Battle of Four Folds Creek.

Moduru then Instigated, a number of years later, the Assult on Hiskor Keep, King Tor’s Keep deep inside the Capital of Tyndaria. This assault killed his wife, both Daughters, and his eldest son, but left his youngest son severely wounded, and brain damaged. Tetravin again was thwarted, in a one on one duel in one of the halls. While it was a singular event, it is considered a significant point in the wars.

Moduru’s War (also known as The Conquest) was a 4 year conflict that ravaged the greater part of Tysis. Only the Dwarves, secure in Drimma, were unaffected. Guthag lead an army of orcs, ogres and goblins against the northern countries: Levisha and Jeslith. Kuthru, Moduru’s Dark Elven Apprentice, Lead an army against Killbar and the western territories ofTyndaria, Vagabond, Wanderer’s brother, lead an army of Mercenaries and Loyal Warriors through the central area of Tyrandall and Kilbar, and Darken Nightfire Led the army against the walls of Tyndaria itself. Through the actions of a few Heroes, Some of the generals were killed, and Moduru was eventually killed.

Moduru's Wars

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