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The Golden Ages are past.

In the Cold northern lands of Tysis, there are only glimmers of hope. In this land of dying races, fallen nations and petty warlords, only those with bravery and fortitude stand between whats left of civilization and its complete purge from the land. They stand, good or evil, as lights of safety and stability in this dark land.
Even small light that is fading.
The elves have unleashed a plague upon themselves, the Dwarves are exiled from their homeland, Halfling pirates raid the coast and waterways, the Gnomes are aging and infertile; the Human nations have warred among themselves until one was destroyed, and the other, fractured and divided, faces revolt and raiders.

Great adventure can be had in Tysis, at the end of the world in this land of dark tidings, cold winds, and deep snows.

Have fun, Peak around, and see whats going on!

Links in BLUE are finished. Links in red are events/people/things that I’ve yet to build on. its going to take me a while, but I plan on a lot more adventures here. so.. here’s looking forward!

Main Page

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