Levisha “The Land of Leaves” in elven, is the single oldest nation on the island. Though it has been through many rough times, it has always persevered. now, however, even that certainty has vanished.

From the beginning, the elven lands have always been open to the trader and the merchant, to the dwarf and the human. The elves, far from distancing themselves, always welcomed travelers and looked for news of southern lands and doing with much anticipation. it was always as if they were listening to the stories of their younger siblings, returned home after a long sojourn. The only taboo subject among the elves was religion. while they worshiped The Oak of Life, any other talk of deities would invoke, if not their wrath, a stern silence. many know that they believe their gods abandoned them, but none of them know the how or the why.

This goodwill was eroded by the actions of Kilbar prior to Moduru’s Second War, when Ambasador Altrun A’Kikrunin was sent buy the General to persuade the elves of Kilbars might and rightness. For a few long months, the elves had to subject themselves to the arrogance and conceit of the Kilbaran nation. However, with the invasion and destruction of Kilbar, they found freedom from the tyranny. but it came with a great cost in lives; Moduru’s armies razed much of the once-great forest, and slaughtered many of the elves, farie and other fey that inhabited it.

More recently, after Moduru’s Second War, the elves sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. in 637, after the Defeat of Moduru’s armies, they sent out a call to all elves currently living outside of the now-diminished bounds of Levisha. In a year, they would close their borders. from them on, all elves outside their borders would be considered “mainlanders” and would need to be granted permission to enter their homeland. as there would be no representatives to communicate with the outside world, this permission could not be gained. In a final missive, sent out to the border towns that used to trade with the elves, and those just in the proximity, they declared their forests off limits to Mainlanders. Every trespasser would be dealt with in a manner according to the Lords of the Seasons, and that manner would be a swift death, no exceptions.

Now, 12 years after their self-imposed exile, news is trickling from the closed borders of Levisha. Caravans of Levishans, both large and small, have been sighted crossing out of the woods and into both the Ruins of Kilbar and the shrinking expanse of Tyndaria. They are ragged and pale, with little money. Their great Elven hounds, cats and beasts of burden are sickly and seem underfed. Something has happened in the forests of Levisha to cast their own out.


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