Kasar is the world that the Island of Tysis Rests upon. The world has a long and storied history, with many races of humanoid, demi-human and monsters inhabiting its lands, oceans, skies, and all the land underneath. Though the world had no true underdark, there are many creatures that live in the caverns below the earth, and many adventurers have met their ends at the hand of those very beasts.

The World in which Kasar exists has 5 planets, including Kasar itself. The Astrologers have named each of them for an emotion in the Eld Tongue of Scholars; Henion (Anger, for its Orange Color) Altruus (Serenity, for its blue color) Kabin (Seclusion, for its lack of moons) and Ulis (Strength, for its size) Its sun is slightly smaller than normal, creating a cooler planet overall.

The Planet itself has 3 Moons: Deros, Bealinda, and Karikos. The names have come down from a tongue thousands of years old. They have a story All their own.

Many events have befallen Kasar that have created the world and people as it is, from thousands of years ago, to the present. Each of these events have had impacts and changed the face of the World, sometimes for better, sometimes for the worse.

1. Creation Myth
2. The Gods War
3. The Story of Moduru
4. The War of the Demon Queen
5. Moduru’s Wars

Kasars Cosmology is different from many other Realms, and while many have knowledge of the planar realms, few have actually visited them.

One of the Gods, though none will take credit, created the race of Humanity, to serve them and provide for them on the planet.


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