The Ancestral Home of the Dwarves, the Land of Drimma is a cold, unforgiving wasteland above ground, and a warm, comforting, cavernous paradise below.

Settled in the Great Range on the eastern coast of Tysis, abutting the sea and the country of Tyndaria, Drimma, for as long as History records, was a great trading nation. Though generally stoic and reserved, they had been provoked to war twice in known history. The first war, against Kilbar, is known as the Trade War, and the other, against Cadrell and Goneda, predates the formation of both Tyrndall and Kilbar by almost one hundred years.

These wars, however well known, are much rarer than wars between individual cities. Though the race is ruled by the Six Kings, and most humans prefer to see them as a single country, every city was in charge of its own trade, warriors and government. This has lead to numerous inter-clan wars and both large and small scale raiding. For years, this combination of mystique, forbodeing land, and their prowess in two land wars, had kept Drimma safe from outsiders.

All of that Changed with [[Moduru’s Second War.]] He’d instructed Tetravin to assault the dwarves and keep them tied up, and though he managed that goal with some trouble, he was able to keep the Drimmen from coming to the aid of Tyndaria. With the coming of the Second war, Moduru sent the best fighters he could find against the Dwarves: Earth Giants and Frost Dragons. though larger in stature, they were more than capable of leading hordes of goblins, halflings and other dwarves into the caverns. though they made great strides, they made it slowly, and by the time Moduru’s forces vanished, they had taken only half the underground country. Most of the dragons and troopers vanished, but the Earth Giants did not. With no armies to lead, and no generals prodding them forward, the giants sued for peace a year later.

The Range was divided into two. The dwarves still held the north, and Drimma, in essence, survived. Jhorrund, Chief of the Earth Giants, held the south. it was a stalemate made to be broken.

No one knows who started the conflict, but in 649 AE, after 11 years of peace, war was once again upon the Dwarves and Giants. The giants Struck forth with their greatest weapon: the Goliaths. A race of earthen beings that lived, for centuries, both above and within the mountain peaks. they shared an instant bond with the Earth Giants, and now lived with them. they were able to do what the giants could not without great effort accomplish: assault the dwarves on their ground. shortly after the war started, the Giants also entered into an agreement with a group of White Dragonborn and their brood mothers. the short but brutal war left hundreds of dwarves dead, the warrior age of an entire generation, and thousands more displaced. What was once a shining trade kingdom is now home to brooding giants, deadly white dragons, and hostile tribes of both dragonborn and Goliaths.

The Great Expulsion, as the dwarves call it, is a source of great shame to the Drimmen dwarves. now cast out of their homes, they seek to find temporary homes among any who would shelter them, until they can gather their strength and take back their homes.


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