The World Of Tysis

D&D El Grande

A single day adventure for a one off game to get old friends together! any Prep-information will appear here, and anything further will be linked here. Also, I may have some things important for the background and what have you for the adventure linked.

Level: 13 (note, if you play a character with the ability to make Magic Items, you are considered 2/3 of the way to 14th)

Point buy System: 35 points.

It is currently 650 AR.

Drakken Ascended to Godhood, at the end of 626 AR.

Moduru’s Second War ended 639 AR

The Battle for Back Alley was in 648 AR

The Adventure was a huge Success, and I’d like to thank everyone involved! Marija, the Corrupted was defeated, and though Gestril spent all his power aiding you to do it, the world is safe, for now.

Two Sides of Every Coin
Both sides can be right!

The Silentknife rebels have resisted Wanderer, King’s armies. Now, the time has come to put them down. However, a group of crack resistance fighters also fights to spare their newly formed kingdom from the the fist of the Ursurper King

Which side will prevail! You will decide as you play forces on both sides of the conflict, each session influencing the others.

Tysis II
Moduru Returns

Moduru has, somehow, returned! After his destruction at the hands of Wanderer, Tarin, Silent, Metith, Craven, and others, he has somehow come back to wreak vengance upon the world! His armies march the land and threaten all civilization once again. Can he be stopped again?

Tysis I
Ancient Evil has Returned!

An Ancient Evil has awakened int he land! Can you gather the Forgotten heroes of old to assist you in his defeat, or will you fail, plunging the world into darkness for thousands of years!

This Campaign lasted from ’96 – ’02.


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